Personally, I had gone through sixteen years of multiple relapses in chronic, paranoid schizophrenia. I understand clearly how difficult it is for us to talk about our  experiences, let alone write a book about them. Rita Goh, in coming out to write about her expriences with schizophrenia, demonstrates not only courage and determination, she signifies the emerging trend evident of a fast changing mindset in our Singapore society, one which generates greater respect and understanding for those who have mental illness, providing them with possible opportunities to integrate back into society.

Harris Ng
Author of the book,

This is an extraordinary account of the author's struggle and triumph over a mental disorder. More importantly, may it bring more empathy and understanding for those who are still suffering from similar afflictions.

Francis Goo
Assistant Director
Simei Care Centre


There are many myths about schizophrenia: that there is no cure, that it is a disease that one is born with, that these people are violent and to be avoided, that they areunproductive.

Rita's experience shattered all these myths. It happened to an educated and logical person with a PhD. Through Rita's formula of regular medication, loving support and faith in God, she has fully recovered. Now she is doing exceedingly far greater things than she has ever done before. Something good has turned out of something bad. Her story will warm your heart.

The book is a message of hope for caregivers and sufferers. We owe it to ourselves to learn the truth about schizophrenia and remove its stigma from our minds.

Sam Choo, Founder of The Singapore Writers Guild  


After reading your book, here's what I think :inspiring, noble, courageous, painful, thought provoking. I am so happy for you, I am sure many feel the same way and I am sure you have touched many lives already through the journey that you are travelling.

Pam J Tan-Smith, Business Development Executive


Reading Back from the Brink of Insanity allowed me to reflect and really understand the impact that we as mental health professionals have on people who have incurred catastrophic events. This book allowed me to appreciate the power of the human spirit; it is a lesson I will draw upon my entire life. Hope you continue to inspire each and everyone of us.

Helen Lee, Case Manager, Early Psychosis Intervention Programme ( EPIP ) 


Back from the Brink of Insanity is an inspiring true-life account. Mental health professionals and anyone seeking to understand what a patient with a severe mental illness actually goes through will find the book highly informative. The book effectively counters the conventional wisdom that after a severe depression, a person's life is over. Rita demonstrates that determination and strength of will are the most important elements of a recovery programme.

Pauline Tan, Manager, Corporate Communications, Institute of Mental Health (IMH) 

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Back from the Brink of  Insanity is the true story of Dr. Rita Goh and her triumph over mental illness.  It traces the author's early childhood days, her family upbringing, her passion for singing inspired by Taiwanese singer, Teresa Teng, right up to her struggles with schizophrenia and depression. A moving story of love, perseverence and faith, the book reveals how vital these vitues are in combating mental illness. Rita's testimony will undoubtedly inspire people struggling in life to find that "rainbow after the storm".