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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Mental demons and the power of faith
My friend Anna overcame abuse, depression and shame to inspire others to heal themselves.

Anna had a shadowed past – a past that was scarred by sexual abuse at the age of 8, several suicide attempts, joining a Korean cult, the Moonies, at age 17 and manic breakdowns.

Today, she had no more relapses and has stopped visiting her psychiatrist completely. Anna attributes her full recovery to religion – her saving grace.

Anna says: ‘It was during one of my prayer sessions with a friend that I saw a vision of my father’s mistress, and that caused me to be very agitated. My friend told me, ‘The Lord wants you to forgive her.’

It was then, she claims, that she realized that the root of her mental illness was all her pent-up hatred towards the woman, and not science’s explanation of a chemical imbalance.

That epiphany, she says, set her free, and her recovery from then on was miraculous.

On a personal note, I would advice that one should not stop seeing his or her psychiatrist without consent.
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