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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Woman of Steel
Below is an inspiring story of a woman who recovered from severe depression which was reported in Today newspaper on March 6 2007:

Thirty-six year old Mdm Ong, mother of two, suffered from two bouts of depression, the first of which occured in 2003 when her second child was born.

She had a relapse in 2005, when work and family demands started taking a toll on her emotionally.

'It started off with sleepless nights and a persistent feeling of being very low.

'I cried often, did not want to talk to anyone and did not have an appetite.

'Doing normal things like taking the bus also became insurmountable tasks.'

Recognizing these symptoms as being similar to those she experienced during her postnatal depression, Mdm Ong went to see a wellness psychiatrist at KK Women's and Children's Hospital, deciding that she needed professional help.

It was a good thing she sought treatment early, as the doctor pointed out that her condition had spiralled downward quickly.

She was diagnosed with having a serious case of depression.

'Initially, I was put on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. But, when these medications did not work, I took my doctor's advice and went for electro-convulsive therapy, which involved sending electric pulses into the brain to restore the chemical balance.'

After three sessions, Mdm Ong saw a marked improvement in her condition and those around her commented that they had finally seen a smile on her face.

She also actively heeded her doctor's advice to exercise more in order to produce more endorphins in her body.

Coming to terms with her depression and talking to friends and loved ones about it also helped, all of whom rallied around her for support.

'My husband never told me to snap out of it.

'He understood that I was trying to deal with it and accompanied me to all my treatment sessions.

'I also met a lot of nice people at the hospital, nurses and doctors who were very willing to help and who did not look at me and think I was mad.'

And now that she is well and recovered, Mdm Ong's mantra is to live each day happily and enjoy the people around her.

'I do worry about the future at times, but I feel that it is also important to enjoy the present, so my worries no longer weigh so heavily on my mind anymore.'
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